Dallas TechFest 2010: Let the games begin!


There is just one day left to register for the Dallas TechFest to be held on Friday July 30, 2010.  If you are a .NET, Java, PHP, Flex, ColdFusion developer or interested it MVVM, AIR, Exchange 2010 or building scalable applications you need to be there.

I will be heading that way and on site Thursday night ready for the big Friday event.  Last year was an awesome event and I can’t wait to be there this year.

Sessions I plan on attending:

  • 10 Practices Every Developer Should Know - Caleb Jenkins
  • Dropping ACID: Building Scalable Systems that Work – Chris Patterson
  • ASP .NET MVC2 and Azure Table Storage – Change Dhall
  • The Rich Standard: Getting Familiar with HTML 5 – Todd Anglin

I have to admit I am in a quandary about Dropping ACID: Building Scalable Systems that Work by Chris Patterson and Hard Lessons Learned From Being Stupid About TDD by Matt Hinze.  I feel like I have been pretty stupid with TDD, I understand some of the base concepts but suck at actually doing it.  Might to switch that one.

I will also be working on the GiveCamp Start Site project some while I am there, so if you have any ideas or feature request please find me.

Software Craftsmanship North America


Just a quick not to let anyone, like myself, interested in Software Craftsmanship know about Software Craftsmanship North America conference on October 15-16, 2010 in Chicago, IL.  I wish I had noticed this about 2 weeks ago when we had to turn in training budget for the next year so I could go.

There are going to be some awesome speakers; Cory Haines, Dave Hoover, Micah Martin, Angelique Martin, Paul Pagel, Kevin Taylor and more.

If you are new to Software Craftsmanship listen to a great discussion about it on the Virtual Alt Net recording of the April, 6, 2010 with Uncle Bob.

Microsoft Announces PDC10 – October 28 + 29, 2010


A strange thing happened this past week at the Northwest Arkansas TechFest, several of us were sitting around in the speaker room talking about conferences and trying to determine if Microsoft would be have a Professional Developer Conference (PDC) this year.  News from our Microsoft Developer Evangelist was that they had been told no PDC this year.  We also had several discussions about what would be talked about, I mean there doesn’t seem to be that much new stuff scheduled to ship.

Well it looks like there will be a Microsoft PDC 2010, Chris Koenig just announced it on his blog “Microsoft PDC 2010”.

Looking at the Microsoft PDC 10 site I noticed the same things that Chris points out in his blog post that differs from previous PDCs.

  • Held on Microsoft Campus
  • 2 days instead of 3
  • Registration price is reduced to $1,000

I guess if Microsoft can host a huge number of MVPs for a summit once a year, they should be able to host this easily enough.  Actually will probably be easier.

Look like the focus is going to be on “Cloud Services, Phone, Tools & Technologies, Internet Explorer and Gaming”. 

Keep checking on the main site http://microsoftpdc.com for more information.

GiveCamp Starter Site Version 2 Feature Input and Help Wanted

GiveCampStartSite I have been involved with the GiveCamp events for for the last three years, and it is always  a great feeling to use your skills to provide a not-for-profit or charity with something they couldn’t afford.  It goes a long way to helping them accomplish their mission.

The GiveCamp Start Site was created to make it easier for the community to have a give camp.  The goal of the starter site was to enable a community to have a website up quickly and easily.  That way the community could spend more time on organizing the event than having to create a web site for it. 

Version 1 of the starter kit has been well received and has been used for several Give Camps.  I joined the project in a very limited capacity about a year ago, but am ready to devote some serious time to making the next version of the GiveCamp Starer Site even better and easier to configure. 

With that in mind I am looking for two things, your input and your help.  Your input is needed to help us decide features we should add so that we can be sure we are delivering feature that are bringing value.  We also could use your help with development, testing, and documentation.  If you would like to become involved with this project please contact me or one of the other project coordinators.  You can do all of this on our CodePlex site http://givecampstartersite.codeplex.com.

Help us make the next version of the GiveCamp Start Site and help us help others give back.

mvc Conf: The Virtual ASP.NET MVC Conference


Eric Hexter over at Los Techies just announced this awesome virtual event on twitter.  If you are into Mvc you don’t want to miss this.

MvcConf is a virtual confernce focused on one thing. Writing awesome applications on top of the ASP.Net MVC framework.  The event will be free to attend, and your brain will explode from taking in so much hard core technical sessions. Sounds fun eh?

Thursday in July 22nd 8am - 5pm CDT

You can register and find out other ways you can be involved on the mvc Conf site


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