Nwa CodeCamp 2010 New Site!


Due to some hosting issues I was forced to create a new site for the Northwest Arkansas CodeCamp 2010 event.  The good news is I was able to utilize the Event Server project that a few of use have been working and had it up and going in just a few hours.  This is the same project that is currently running the Tyson Developer Conference site.  There are still a few style sheet tweaks to be made but in all the site is up and ready.

With that being said the new site is up and we have a new url: http://nwacodecamp.org and since we are using Event Server you can now register as a speaker and submit your sessions online.

Please forward this information to anyone you feel would be interested in presenting at this years event.

Also, if you or your company is interested in being a sponsor for this event please view out Sponsorship Information or contact me directly at jay@jaysmith.us.

Don’t forget the new site is http://nwacodecamp.org and mark your calendar for October 23, 2010.

What Motivates Us?

I was searching the web today and came across a blog post by Stephen Forte about What Motivates Us (computer programmers too).  He was listening to Jeff Atwood discuss what motivates employees in reference to Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow.  Jeff was influenced by Dan Pink of the RSA Org’s TED talks and others.

Stephen included the awesome RSA Animate video along with Dan Pink talk about motivation. I was so blown away I had to repost and include it here.


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