Delete Team Foundation Server Work Item with WitAdmin

I have been keeping my source control in Team Foundation Server for years, but have faultered when it comes to using Work Items. Oh, I have tried a few time and then stopped for various reasons.  Today I thought it would be good to clean up the old work items and try again.  This turned out to be a bit of an issue. There is not right-click delete, selection all and then choose delete from the action menu. 

So how do you delete a Work Item?

I finally found it the WitAdmin command line tool, part if the Team Foundation Server Power Tools, allows you to destroy work items by id.

Usage: witadmin destroy /collection: collectionUrl /id: id

Example: witadmin destory /collection: /id:112345

This allowed me to delete the work items, good thing was that I didn't have that many to delete.

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