Executor: Where did my keywords go?

I use Executor (http://executor.dk) and love it.  Well, most of the time I do.  Every once in a while it seems to freak out and looses all of it’s settings including keywords.  Loosing the setting are no big deal, but the keywords?

I have use various methods to resolve this in the past, remove and re-install etc.  Last week it happened again.  Removing and re-installing did not help at all, it just looked blank.

Executor does such a great job of just working in the background and requires very little attention I had not explored it’s vast features.  Well, this time I found that all of the default keywords could be restored by importing them from the original files that were used during install.

On the keywords tab context menu is “Import keyword from file…” which allowed me to import see the standard.exc which was all the missing keyword AND a windowskeywords.exc with added some I did have before.

I also noticed a “Export keywords..” with once I had them all setup the way I wanted I promptly used to export them all to a file of my choosing to make it easier to fix next time.

“Import from start-menu…” also looks very interesting and I am sure will save me some typing in the future.

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