Highway.Data Drivers Ed: Getting Started Video

The Highway.Data Team has just published a great video explaining the concepts and usages that you need to understand to get you up and running quickly.  The Highway.Data Drivers Ed series is designed to help answer many of the questions that the team has received or encountered ourselves.  It will cover basic to very advanced usages.

This Episode 3 in the series contains information about the following:

  • Patterns: 0:00
  • Getting Started: 3:16
  • Queries: 7:01
  • Scalars: 10:21
  • Commands: 14:22
  • Advanced Queries ( SQL based, and Projections): 16:58
  • Eager Loading: 20:56
  • What is IDomain?:22:22
  • Testing with Highway: 27:17
Highway.Data Drivers Ed Episode 3

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