Display User Full Name using Windows Authentication In MVC

It has always bugged me that the default Windows Authentication MVC template just displays the users domain\user instead of the persons full name. Here is how to create a Razor Helper that will display the full name.

Create the Razor Helper Extension by adding a App_Code folder to your solution and then creating a View.  The name of the view will be the identifier user after the @ symbol in your view.  I named mine MyHelpers.cshml just to keep it simple.

The contents of MyHelpers.cshtml

@using System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement
@helper UserFullName()
        using (var context = new PrincipalContext(ContextType.Domain))
        var principal = UserPrincipal.FindByIdentity(context, User.Identity.Name);
        if (principal != null)
            var fullName = string.Format("{0} {1}", principal.GivenName, principal.Surname);

You may have to add a reference to System.Directory.AccountManagement.  Also be sure to set it to Copy Local.

Now modify the _Layout.cshtml

Old Version

<section id="login">
    Hello, <span class="username">@User.Identity.Name</span>!

New Version

<section id="login">
    Hello, <span class="username">@MyHelpers.UserFullName()</span>!

Your new header output now looks like this.


Now that was easy!

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