Marble - Google Calendar Sync for Outlook

Syncing my work calendar (Microsoft Outlook) with my Google Calendar so I can have my meetings on my phone is a must for me.  Since August 1, 2014 when the Google Calendar Sync quit working I have used a lot of different offering that tried to solve this problem.  Outlook Google Sync by rantsi was the closet to how I wanted it to work but it had a few issues.  I committed a few fixes but then started working on how I would want it to work.  Marble is the result of that effort.  It uses the Google Calendar API v3 and either native Outlook Interop or NetOffice.   NetOffice is still a bit experimental so use with caution.

Marble is available on GitHub, and at this time version is stable using Outlook Interop (the default).  Source Code, Binary, and Setup packages are all available on the release tab.

The Setup Screen


As you can see it is very simple, once you launch the Settings Screen you will be taken to your Google Account to authorize Marble to have access to manage your Calendars.  You will then select which calendar you want events to be synchronized to.

Enable the Sync very hour and provide when on the hour you want it to sync.  The screen shot will sync every hour at 10 minutes past.

The Days in Future and Days in past allows you to control the rolling window of time that events are synced in.  This allows you to make update quickly.

Start with windows, really? I not going to explain that one.

There is no User Interface other than the Settings and About screens.  Everything else is handled in the System Tray.

Please download it and give it a try.  If you encounter issues please log them here



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