mvc Conf: The Virtual ASP.NET MVC Conference


Eric Hexter over at Los Techies just announced this awesome virtual event on twitter.  If you are into Mvc you don’t want to miss this.

MvcConf is a virtual confernce focused on one thing. Writing awesome applications on top of the ASP.Net MVC framework.  The event will be free to attend, and your brain will explode from taking in so much hard core technical sessions. Sounds fun eh?

Thursday in July 22nd 8am - 5pm CDT

You can register and find out other ways you can be involved on the mvc Conf site

ASP .NET MVC RC2 Announced

One of the few things announced at the MVP Summit we CAN talk about is the just released RC2 for ASP .NET MVC.

One of the main things to know is a change that was made in the installer.  The installer will require that the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 be installed.  This is mainly for the development environment and does not keep you from doing a bin deployment to a server without SP1 of the 3.5 Frameowrk.

Another new feature again with the installer is a Server-Only install mode.  Which enables installing on a server that does not have Visual Studio installed. 

Some of the more interesting updated in this release:

  • jQuery 1.2.6 was replaced with jQuery 1.3.1 
  • New overload of the ValidationSummary method
  • DefaultModelBinder Validation Messages are now localizable 

 You can find out more about the reason for the change and get links to the download at Phil Haack's post.

Direct link to Microsoft Downloads.

ASP.NET MVC CodePlex Preview 5


If you have been keeping your eyes on the ASP .NET MVC project you will be interested to know that Preview 5 has been released.

Here a few things from the release notes:

This ASP.NET MVC CodePlex Preview 5 is an interim release that contains some new features and some feature improvements for which the ASP.NET MVC team would like to receive feedback from the community. As always, feel free to provide feedback on the ASP.NET MVC forums.
Note: Before you run the ASP.NET MVC CodePlex Preview 5 installer, be sure to uninstall any earlier previews of ASP.NET MVC that you might have installed. In addition, close all instances of Visual Studio 2008.
The following issues are addressed in this release (see the Release Notes for more detail on any changes)

  • Html Helpers need to look into ModelState to get attempted value
  • Add a convenience overload for Html.ActionLink
  • Need friendly exception for UpdateModel type conversion errors.
  • UpdateModel needs to report a message when a property setter throws an exception

Pick up this release here

Jeffrey Palermo to Visit Northwest Arkansas

Jeffrey Palermo, yes from the Party with Palermo fame, is going to be visiting Northwest Arkansas on August 14.  Jeffery will be presenting on the ASP .NET MVC Framework.  Jeffrey along with Dave Verwer, and Ben Scheirman, is authoring “ASP.NET MVC in Action” from Manning Press.  If you have never been to a Party with Palermo or missed is awesome talks at TechEd or other events this is a must attend event.  I attended one of his architecture sessions at Tech2008 and was totally blown away.

About Jeffrey Palermo
Jeffrey Palermo is a software management consultant and the CTO of Headspring Systems in Austin, TX. Jeffrey specializes in Agile coaching and helps companies double the productivity of software teams. Jeffrey is an MCSD.Net , Microsoft MVP, Certified Scrummaster, Austin .Net User Group leader, AgileAustin board member, INETA speaker, INETA Membership Mentor, Christian, husband, father, motorcyclist, Eagle Scout, U.S. Army Veteran, and Texas A&M University graduate.


This is an INETA Sponsored event, which means INETA is picking up the tab for Jeffrey’s travel and expenses.  It also means that INETA will be providing the food for the event.  If you are not an INETA member or maybe you are and haven’t taken advantage of this awesome benefit for user groups, check out the INETA website for more information or contact you INETA Membership Mentor.



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