Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Community Leaders

I'm supporting a proposal to create a new Q&A website for anyone running or interested in running a user group or technical community to connect and discuss the business of running a user group or technical community..

It's built on the same software as, a hugely popular site where over seven million programmers help each other with difficult programming problems. On Stack Overflow the audience votes for the best answer, so the answer you want is usually right at the top, not on page five.

I'm hoping that a site for anyone running or interested in running a user group or technical community to connect and discuss the business of running a user group or technical community. would have the same kind of network effect and turn into an amazing resource.

The proposal process is going on here:

If you're interested in participating, go to that URL and click on the orange "Follow It!" button.


Community Leadership Town Hall – Tulsa TechFest Style!

Community Leadership Town Hall - Tulsa


Community Leadership Town Hall - Tulsa
November 11th, 2010 – Jay Smith

In many towns and cities across the country the town hall is the center of the community.  The town hall is where the local governments keep offices, serves as the main base for the Mayor, and is where citizens of the community come to work with the official representatives to share issues, ideas, and solutions that can make their community better. 

The Community Leadership Town Hall brings this concept to community leaders in your area.  The evening will be filled with discussions about issues, ideas, and solutions regarding creating, maintaining, and growing user groups and technical communities.   This will be a highly interactive night where everyone will have a chance to suggest a topic and voice their opinion.

Bring your questions, ideas, issues, and willingness to share to the Community Leadership Town Hall - Tulsa.

If you are a current or aspiring community leader please join us for the Tulsa TechFest pre-event on November 11th, 2010 from 7 – 10 PM.


OSU-Tulsa Room 140
700 N. Greenwood Ave
Tulsa, OK 74106

Time: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Nwa CodeCamp 2010 New Site!


Due to some hosting issues I was forced to create a new site for the Northwest Arkansas CodeCamp 2010 event.  The good news is I was able to utilize the Event Server project that a few of use have been working and had it up and going in just a few hours.  This is the same project that is currently running the Tyson Developer Conference site.  There are still a few style sheet tweaks to be made but in all the site is up and ready.

With that being said the new site is up and we have a new url: and since we are using Event Server you can now register as a speaker and submit your sessions online.

Please forward this information to anyone you feel would be interested in presenting at this years event.

Also, if you or your company is interested in being a sponsor for this event please view out Sponsorship Information or contact me directly at

Don’t forget the new site is and mark your calendar for October 23, 2010.

What Motivates Us?

I was searching the web today and came across a blog post by Stephen Forte about What Motivates Us (computer programmers too).  He was listening to Jeff Atwood discuss what motivates employees in reference to Stack Exchange and Stack Overflow.  Jeff was influenced by Dan Pink of the RSA Org’s TED talks and others.

Stephen included the awesome RSA Animate video along with Dan Pink talk about motivation. I was so blown away I had to repost and include it here.

GiveCamp Starter Site Version 2 Feature Input and Help Wanted

GiveCampStartSite I have been involved with the GiveCamp events for for the last three years, and it is always  a great feeling to use your skills to provide a not-for-profit or charity with something they couldn’t afford.  It goes a long way to helping them accomplish their mission.

The GiveCamp Start Site was created to make it easier for the community to have a give camp.  The goal of the starter site was to enable a community to have a website up quickly and easily.  That way the community could spend more time on organizing the event than having to create a web site for it. 

Version 1 of the starter kit has been well received and has been used for several Give Camps.  I joined the project in a very limited capacity about a year ago, but am ready to devote some serious time to making the next version of the GiveCamp Starer Site even better and easier to configure. 

With that in mind I am looking for two things, your input and your help.  Your input is needed to help us decide features we should add so that we can be sure we are delivering feature that are bringing value.  We also could use your help with development, testing, and documentation.  If you would like to become involved with this project please contact me or one of the other project coordinators.  You can do all of this on our CodePlex site

Help us make the next version of the GiveCamp Start Site and help us help others give back.


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