Dallas Techfest Registration Open

DallasTechfestRegistration for the 2011 Dallas Techfest is now open!  Visit http://DallasTechfest.com for a list of speakers and other information. 

The Dallas Techfest is once again brining some of the very best speakers on Java, .NET, Ruby and other technologies in the Dallas area over 2 days.  That’s right this year is a two day conference.  Lunch will be provided each day as part of the ticket.

Community Leadership Town Hall!  Friday night, Jay Smith will be facilitating a Community Leadership Town Hall.  This is an open space style discussion focused on the challenges of building communities in the technology arena.

In addition to two days of incredible sessions on the beautiful University of Texas at Dallas campus, we are also thrilled to be offering pre-conference sessions from our Platinum Sponsor, Improving Enterprises. These classes are taught by professional instructors in their state of the art facilities in Addison, TX. Each of these classes are discounted $200 for attendees of Dallas TechFest. Here are the details :

  • Agile Scrum Immersion (8/10 & 8/11)* - Organizations are increasingly moving from traditional waterfall methods of software development to agile methodologies. Scrum has emerged as one of the most commonly applied agile practices. Today's successful software projects implement at least some aspect of Scrum. This intensive two day instructor-led course guides participants through every characteristic of Scrum, including roles, planning, artifacts, and most importantly, the motivation behind implementing these elements. All this will be experienced through a balanced combination of lecture, candid discussion, hands-on exercise, and demonstration, as well as a few surprises.

  • Team Dynamics Workshop (8/11)* - Full details will be available shortly.

*Please note that the pre-conference seminars have minimum attendance requirements, and should these requirements not be met, your ticket will be refunded all but $100, the price of admission to Dallas TechFest itself.

There will be no refunds available after July 15th, 2011 at 12:01am. After that point all sales are final.

Don’t forget to use discount code TwoDays you will get $50 off the price of a ticket.

St. Louis Day of .NET 2011 Announced


I just read on Scott Spradlin’s blog that St. Louis will be having a Day of .NET hosted by the St. Louis .NET User Group to be held August 5th and 6th. 

There are already 33 confirmed speakers and 51 confirmed sessions, with more being added each week. You can find biographies of the speakers, as well as abstracts of the scheduled sessions, on the conference web site. A full agenda will be provided soon and a mobile session builder is being constructed.

The event will once again be held in the Ameristar Casino & Resort this year. Hotel rooms are available on-site, as they have been the prior two years.

Friday night will we will host our annual attendee social networking night, where you can grab a bite to eat and talk with speakers and sponsors in a relaxed atmosphere. This will be held in the nightclub area of the Ameristar and is exclusively available to the attendees at no additional charge.

More information can be found at http://www.stlouisdayofdotnet.com/2011.

Set Home Directory for msysGit

I have been using git (msysgit on windows) a lot lately.  One thing that really bothered me was that I couldn’t find a way to set the home directory.   I wanted the Git Bash to open pointed to the directory C:\Solutions, this is where all of my source code resides.  I am not sure if there isn’t a way to specify it or I just didn’t find it.  I did however come up with a way that I can get it to open to the directory of my choice. 


In Windows 7 do a search for git, right click and select properties.


Change the value of Start in to point to the directory you want Git Bash to start in.  Click OK to close and save the information.


Launch Git Bash, here I am using Executor (http://executor.dk).


Git Bash will open at the path you specified in the Start in. 

This did not change the home path, all .gitconfig, .bashrc, etc files are still located at ~.  This just caused Git Bash to open pointed to the directory of your choice.

Oh, and another thing, if you re-install or upgrade msysgit you will have to reset the value to point to your directory.  The installer overwrites the shortcut.

National GiveCamp Weekend October 21-23, 2011

Microsoft once again to promote National GiveCamp Weekend!  The weekend of October 21-23, 2011 has been designated National GiveCamp Weekend.  If you currently have a GiveCamp scheduled, you do not need to move it. However, if you can move it, Microsoft is putting together several partnerships to help ease some of the logistics for the National GiveCamp weekend so organizers and participants can focus on supporting non-profit organizations:

· Free Venue: national partnerships to provide venue space. Space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis – so sign up early!  Send your request to usgcamp@microsoft.com.

· Food & Beverage sponsors: National sponsors to have signed up to have food and beverage service delivered to participating GiveCamp volunteers throughout the weekend.

· Promotion: Email templates and resources for your use in promoting to non-profits, as well as soliciting potential volunteers.

Microsoft will also put resources behind amplifying the impact of your GiveCamp to your community by helping create buzz to help draw volunteers and increase community awareness for the non-profits benefiting from GiveCamp.

GiveCamp is a great opportunity for people to work together, develop new friendships, and do something important for their community! Their goal is to see over 50 Give Camps held over the National GiveCamp weekend of 10/21 – 10/23.

Are you up to the challenge?

If you are interested in having a being part of the National GiveCamp Weekend here is what you need to do next.

Next Steps:

  1. If you are interested in organizing a GiveCamp send the following information to usgcamp@microsoft.com.
  2. Setup your GiveCamp site with the GiveCamp Starter Site available here: http://givecampstartersite.codeplex.com.
  3. For more information, visit http://givecamp.org.

SSRS Shows Blank Screen in Browser Fix

logo-sql05-headerAbout 2 weeks ago when I go to our internal SQL Server Reporting Services site I started getting a blank screen.  I went through the usual, cleared the cache, tried a different browser but nothing would bring it back.  I jumped on my remote development desktop and it worked so I know it was my machine.  My laptop has been acting flaky lately so I figured it had to be me. 

Well today I really got tired of going to the remote desktop every time I wanted to view a report.  So I contacted the server administrator and he gave me the fix.  Go to Internet Options->Advanced and make sure Enable Integrated Windows Authentication is turned off. 


Guess what mine was turned off, I turned it on and restarted IE and BOOM! POW! SQL Server Reporting Services was back baby.


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