Configuration File Transformations for All with SlowCheetah

When I first saw that ability in Visual Studio 2010 to transform web.config files for the target platform I was very excited.  This was a real deployment issue solved for me.  Over were the writing code that was environment aware, an maintaining multiple config files; one for each environment and swapping them out at deploy time.

The main thing that disappointed me was that it only worked on web project.  This was a real problem for other project types too.

Today I squealed like a little girl when I read SlowCheetah - Web.config Transformation Syntax now generalized for any XML configuration file on Scott Hanselman’s blog.

SlowCheeta - XML Tranforms is a Visual Studio extension that bring configuration file transformations to any xml file.  I have downloaded and installed it and will be following Scott’s excellent post to learn more about it. 

The Holy Grail of maintaining your configuration files has been achieved!

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