GiveCamp Starter Site Version 2 Feature Input and Help Wanted

GiveCampStartSite I have been involved with the GiveCamp events for for the last three years, and it is always  a great feeling to use your skills to provide a not-for-profit or charity with something they couldn’t afford.  It goes a long way to helping them accomplish their mission.

The GiveCamp Start Site was created to make it easier for the community to have a give camp.  The goal of the starter site was to enable a community to have a website up quickly and easily.  That way the community could spend more time on organizing the event than having to create a web site for it. 

Version 1 of the starter kit has been well received and has been used for several Give Camps.  I joined the project in a very limited capacity about a year ago, but am ready to devote some serious time to making the next version of the GiveCamp Starer Site even better and easier to configure. 

With that in mind I am looking for two things, your input and your help.  Your input is needed to help us decide features we should add so that we can be sure we are delivering feature that are bringing value.  We also could use your help with development, testing, and documentation.  If you would like to become involved with this project please contact me or one of the other project coordinators.  You can do all of this on our CodePlex site

Help us make the next version of the GiveCamp Start Site and help us help others give back.

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