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Last fall I was looking for an application that could display tweets based on a hastag on the wall.  I found HashWall on codeplex and downloaded it immediately.  It worked great but then I got to thinking, this is going to be a corporate event where I work and that it may not be a good idea for tweets to be displayed unfiltered on the wall behind our CIO giving the welcome speech. 

Open source to the rescue, I thought heck this is an open source project I will just download the code put in a bad word filter and away we go.  Slow down there cowboy, it doesn’t always work that way.  The source code on CodePlex didn’t contain the code to perform the Twitter search.  Since I had recently completed Peepster, a one way tweet application, I was ready to take on the challenge.  I grabbed the latest build of TweetSharp and went to town.

I believe in sharing so I took the fully working code and put it back on CodePlex as a fork of the original HashWall project with a few minor updates so that everyone could utilize it.

The short list of updates:

  • Replaced twitter search provider with TweetSharp
  • Added content filtering based on a bad word list
  • Modified SetupDialog to allow user to use a File Open Dialog to browse to alternate background image

Please feel free to check out the code and make it your own.


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