Windows Live Writer Issue Update

After discovering Windows Live Writer I vowed to never use the online editor for my post again.  Recently Microsoft released the Microsoft Live Essentials 2011 which updated the Windows Live Writer by adding the Microsoft Office Ribbon style menus and toolbars which is great.

One thing that has bugged me that I have not found a fix for is that if I am using the Edit view the Title and Text area looks like it is aligned to the right and now matter what I do I cannot get it to align to the right.


As you can see in the image it looks horrible.  I have installed it on several computers and they all do the same.

I don’t mind the updates to the Ribbon but this alignment issue will be what causes me to look for a different blog editing solution or go back to posting them via my blogs online editor. 

If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.


This seems to be due to an issue with the Theme detection in Live Writer.  I posted my question on Windows Live Solution Center.  I got some good ideas but the actual solution was not presented.  What it did due was point me to the solution in a round about way.  I searched on “Live Writer 2011 Edit with theme” and about half way down the list found this article “How to Delete a Windows Live Writer Blog Theme and Use the Default View Instead” which not only showed the same screen shot issue I was experiencing but walked me through deleting the cached version of my theme so it would use the default.  Which by the way worked.  So if you are having the same issue here it the solution.

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