mysysGit 1.7.4 Running Slow on Windows 7


The other day I was finally feed up.  Every day when I open my Git Bash window to pull in some new changes or push an update to GitHub the commands just seem to take forever to run.  Even just  a simple ls outputs the directory information to the screen but takes about 8+ seconds before the prompt returns.

I finally resolved myself to figuring out how to speed things up.  As usual Stack Overflow (http://stackoverflow) to the rescue.  Someone else was also experiencing the same issue, Git/Bash is extremely slow in Windows 7 x64.

The solution for me was to uninstall mysysGit 1.7.4, re-install, and then reboot.  Now the Git Bash command return almost instantly.

Oh, don’t forget to backup any files you may have had in the git home directory, like .gitignore, etc.

***UPDATE - 6/28/2011***

This turned out to be only part of my problem, the next day the slowness returned.  After doing a little more investigation I determined that my $HOME was being set to %HOMEDRIVE$%HOMEPATH%.  Which for me turned out to be a network mapped drive, my company has a logon script that maps me to a networked home drive.  This also explains some issues I had with configs when not on the work network since it was looking in two places.

The next solution was to create an environment variable HOME and point to to where I wanted all of my config files to reside, not on the network of course Winking smile.  To keep it simple and to make it work for all users I pointed HOME to %USERPROFILE%.

Now, the Git Bash commands are running a lot faster.

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