On this page is where you can find all of the presentations I have given.  If you are interested in have one of the presentation given at your event contact me at  Like wise if you would like something presented I don't put together contact me as well, many of the presentation have come about due to a request.

You can find most of my demo code here

PopularPopularCommunity Leadership Town Hall
In many towns and cities across the country the town hall is the center of the community.  The town hall is where the local governments keep offices, serves as the main base for the Mayor, and is where citizens of the community come to work with the official representatives to share issues, ideas, and solutions that can make their community better. 

The Community Leadership Town Hall brings this concept to community leaders in your area.  The evening will be filled with discussions about issues, ideas, and solutions regarding creating, maintaining, and growing user groups and technical communities.   This will be a highly interactive night where everyone will have a chance to suggest a topic and voice their opinion.

I have tried to schedule these to take place the day before a larger conference. If you are interested in hosting a Town Hall as part of your next event please contact me.

2010-10-09 – Community Leadership Town Hall - Houston
2010-11-11 – Community Leadership Town Hall – Tulsa
2011-08-13 – Community Leadership Town Hall – Dallas

Developer Productivity Tips: How to Get Things Done

This session is a collection of tips and strategies I have learned, or in the process of learning, to help me be a more productive person.  Topics will range from better ways to handle the onslaught of incoming email to being more productive with you development tools.

Topics in this session:

  • Going Mouseless
  • Customize your world
  • Developer Tools
  • Inbox Zero
  • 5 Sentences or less
  • Clean Workspace

The Creamy Goodness of NuGet

NuGet is a free, open source developer focused package management system for the .NET platform intent on simplifying the process of incorporating third party libraries into a .NET application during development.

There are a large number of useful 3rd party open source libraries out there for the .NET platform, but for those not familiar with the OSS ecosystem, it can be a pain to pull these libraries into a project.

Here is what you will learn:

  • What is NuGet?
  • How to add packages to your project
  • How to update packages in your project
  • How to host your own package repository
  • How to create and publish your own packages

2010-10-11 – Tyson Developer Network
2011-03-25 – Northwest Arkansas TechFest
2011-08-13 – Dallas Techfest

Model-View-Presenter in ASP.NET Web Forms 

In today's world of rapidly changing UI's it is very important to isolate application business logic into a separate layer to avoid having to re-write it every time the UI technology changes.  In this session, I will cover some ways to extract your business logic from the UI layer and encapsulate it in the Presentation layer making upgrading the UI clean and straight forward by implementing the Model-View-Presenter design pattern in ASP.NET Web Forms.

Under DevelomentContent Management and MVC Made Easy

I have always wanted to be able to add CMS type functionality to my applications to make it easier to maintain static content.  In this session I will show you how I am implementing Page Editing functionality in an ASP MVC application using the TinyMce WYSIWYG editor using an generic repository with Entity Framework.

Under DevelomentThe MetaWebLogApi and Live Writer a Marriage Made in Blog Heaven

In this session we will look at how to implement functionality necessary to support any MetaWebLog compatible blog writer application in your application.  The approach I will show you will work for both ASP WebForms and ASP MVC.  We will focus on the MetaWebLog API, XMLRPC, Real Simple Discovery, and the Live Writer Manifest file.  At the end of this session we will be posting and editing content on our demo site using Live Writer.

Under DevelopmentGetting GIT: Distributed Version Control

Git has created a lot o buzz in the .NET community as of late, it seems like all the cool kids are doing it.  Git is a distributed version control system developed by Linux guru Linus Torvalds and has been very popular with open source projects.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Why Git?
  • First Steps
  • Basic Workflow
  • How to clone repositories
  • How to work with remote repositories

PopularIntroduction to Agile Software Development

In today’s world of software development the challenge of delivering quality value added software quickly and often have brought rise to a new approach in software development.  Agile software development is becoming a widely proven and accepted alternative to heavy up front software development.  There are many misconceptions with the processes and practices of Agile software development.  This sessions is designed to give you a grounding on concepts that are used in many forms of Agile development including Scrum and Extreme Programming.

2008-11-11: Tyson PMO Summit
2008-12-04: Tyson BizNet (Internal Business Analyst Group)
2009-08-10: Fort Smith .NET User Group
2009-02-10: Northwest Arkansas .NET User Group
2010-05-13: Ozark .NET User Group
2011-03-25 – Northwest Arkansas TechFest

Agile Software Development - General.pdf (779.60 kb)

thumbs_upEstimate Your Requirements With Planning Poker

Planning Poker is a consensus-based estimation technique for estimating, mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of tasks in software development . It is a variation of the Wideband Delphi method.  In this session you will learn what planning poker is, particpate in an exercise to learn how a planning poker sessions feels, and how to facilitate it with your team. Using Planning Poker to estimate task on your project is not only accurate its fun.

2010-06-12 – SharePoint Saturday Ozarks
2010-07-08 - Northwest Arkansas TechFest
2010-10-09 – Houston TechFest
2010-11-05 – Northwest Arkansas .NET User Group
2010-11-12 – Tulsa TechFest 2010
2011-03-25 – Northwest Arkansas TechFest

Make deployment easier with VS2010 Web.config Transformations

I any development environment we have to code local, publish to test, and then have the tested code published to the production environment.  The process has built in gates to ensure that bad code doesn’t make it into production, but it causes a huge issue with keeping up with service and database connections in your configuration files.  Visual Studio 2010 introduces Web.config transformations as a way to solve this problem.  In this session we will look at the age old problems, discuss some solutions in use today and take a look at how Visual Studio 2010 has solved this problem for us today.

2010-06-12 – SharePoint Saturday Ozarks
2010-07-08 - Northwest Arkansas TechFest

Exposing Yourself with RSS and ATOM Syndication

In just about every web application today some amount of information is exposed via RSS or ATOM feeds.  Many frameworks have been developed to give your applications this functionality.  With the release of Windows Communication Framework a new set of classes were added to allow for the creation and consumption of RSS and ATOM feeds right in the framework.  This session will take an look at these classes and how they can be used to generate feeds of any kind from your application.

Syndication.pdf (309.60 kb)

2009-03-29 – School of Dev, Tulsa, OK
2009-04-25 – Nwa Code Camp, Rogers, AR
2009-05-12 – Nwa .NET User Group, Northwest Arkansas

Application Settings

In this short 15 minutes presentation we will look at how create and store application and user options using Application Settings, and show how to create an Options form to manage them with only one line of code.

2008-05-06: NwaDnug CodeTalk

Strategy Pattern
The Mega Vehicle Company is creating cars at an alarming rate, the problem is that the drive behavior is being duplicated across several generations of the class using inheritance.  Using the Strategy Pattern we can solve this problem by isolating the things that change into classes.

2008 - Tyson Developer Network

Model View Presenter

In today's world of rapidly changing UI's it is very important to isolate application business logic into a separate layer to avoid having to re-write it every time the UI technology changes.  In this session I will cover some ways to extract you business logic from the UI layer and encapsulate it in the Presentation layer making upgrading the UI clean and straight forward.

Model View Presenter - PowerPoint (256.00 kb)
Model View Presenter - Demo (196.96 kb)

2008-02-25 - Tulsa .NET User Group

Lap Around Visual Studio 2008

This is a high level presentation that focuses on the new things in Visual Studio 2008 and in Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Lap Around Visual Studio 2008 Presentation
Lap Around Visual Studio 2008- PowerPoint (166.76 kb)

2008-02-05 - University of Arkansas .NET User Group

Introduction to Unit Testing

nUnit, nUnitASP, nUnitForms 
Unit Testing - PowerPoint (594.00 kb)
Unit Testing - Demo (16.18 kb)

2006-02-07 - Northwest Arkansas .NET User Group


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