User Group Radio Fades into the Sunset!

Several years ago I started a podcast with the goal of interviewing community leaders and sponsors help get the word out about best practices and how a community leader could connect with potential sponsors.  I know sounds like a good idea, right?  Well truth be told I  found I don’t have the discipline or time to dedicate to create a quality show so after only a few shows they stopped.   I have kept the site up in the hopes that I would be motivated to get back to it.  But there have developments in my life over the last year that have pulled me further away from community.  The User Group Radio domain is about to expire and I am going to let it. 

So, as User Group Radio fades into the sunset a chapter is closed on my community involvement.  Who knows what the future holds.  I still believe that there is a need for community leaders to be able to share best practices with each other to ease the pain of onboarding new leaders but also have come to the reality that community leaders have precious little time to dedicate to these efforts. 

Thanks to those who allowed me the privilege of interviewing you and I apologize to those who I interviewed that the show never was released.

User Group Radio is ON THE AIR!!!

Over the last several years I have been involved with the developer community that has been growing in Northwest Arkansas.  After attending a Community Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX hosting by Caleb Jenkins I realized that many user group leaders struggle with the same problems, after looking around I realized that there wasn't really any resources around to help us. 

So I decided to start a podcast dedicated to the ones that keep user groups and technical communities going.  Hopefully through open dialog and sharing we can help make it easier to keep them running and maybe even take them to the next level. The new podcast called User Group Radio, as you might have guessed, and you can find out more about it at

If you are passionate about community, have a story to tell, or have a question please email it to show  at usergroupradio dot com. In our first full episode I will be talking to Michael Paladino about his experience launching the Ft. Smith .NET User Group earlier this year.  Look for this episode to be released the first week of October.


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